I struggle to describe myself as ‘anti-HS2’. I dislike being ‘anti’ anything, in the same way, I try to avoid using the word hate. It’s an unhelpful sentiment. If I say I’m anti-HS2, and it does get built, and one day I use it, what does that make me?

Instead, I will say I am HS2-disappointed. Disappointed because a big ‘yes’ to rail projects.

But not this one. Too much impact, not enough benefit. We need better rural rail links, integrated transport, better rail pricing. We haven’t even got a consistent system for taking bikes on trains!

I met a local resident profoundly affected by the works at Old Oak Common. Trying to get her voice heard. Her struggles are that of overwhelming HS2-disappointment- the list of broken assurances is astonishing.

The residents affected by HS2 works are real-life examples of the failings of our political system- where is the power? It’s not with the people.

Where is the justice? It’s not coming their way anytime soon.

The Green Party nationally has a strong stance on this one:
“We will scrap HS2” and much more in ‘Our Political Programme’

Information on Ealing residents affected by HS2 via https://twitter.com/WellsHouseRoad


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