ULEZ expansion- a step in the right direction but not the whole story

The expansion of the Ultra Low Emission Zone really is good news for London. From 25 October 2021 onwards, the most polluting cars (diesels manufactured before September 2015 and petrol cars manufactured before 2005) will be charged £12.50 for driving within the North and South Circular Roads.  

This will bring cleaner air to 3.8million Londoners. Cleaner air for children walking to school; cleaner air leading to healthier lungs and healthier lives. Mums for Lungs are taking an impressive lead on celebrating this. 


Taking political action on car use is challenging. In Ealing we know this better than most, and the Mayor’s office should be congratulated for making progress. But, in our Borough we are faced with the reality of an imperfect solution. 

I have a primary school age child in Ealing. The choice of secondary schools are one just inside the zone; or one right on the boundary road. We have clean(er) air for half the Borough; and the same old (dirty) air for the other half. 

The Green Party have long championed road pricing as a more socially just solution. So where does ULEZ fit? Well, it makes sense for now:

In the short term, road charging should be introduced where road space is most congested and where traffic causes most pollution. These would be expected to be in urban areas and in areas that attract large numbers of tourists.”


So let’s celebrate the politicians who have made progress on cleaning up London’s air (including Green Party London Assembly members Sian Berry, Zack Polanski and Caroline Russell). 

But know that what’s needed is clean air for ALL. So what’s next?

Footnote: Zack Polanski statement on ULEZ expansion:


Alan Anderson – Candidate for Hobbayne

Candidate Introduction: Alan Anderson

Alan Anderson Green Candidate
Alan Anderson

I am standing as candidate of the Green Party for the ward of Hobbayne. 

Alan Anderson is an editor for a health and wellbeing website, and has been campaigning in Ealing for green issues all his adult life. He is determined to stop Ealing Labour facilitate developers’ fantasy skyscrapers, and instead make sustainable housing policy that works for the people.

Low Traffic Neighbourhoods: manifesto for Ealing Council

Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (LTNs) have been badly implemented and communicated by Ealing Council. This has led to division in communities, and because of this the Council is backtracking on the schemes. LTNs can and do reduce traffic levels, and if well communicated have the support of local residents. As the Green Party candidate in West Ealing and Hanwell for the Council Election next year, I wanted to set out what I would do differently. Here’s the starting point we can all agree on:

All residential streets must have air pollution levels below the WHO guidelines1.  

Any residential street – including main roads- not within these limits must be considered for appropriate measures to reduce air pollution. A suite of measures is needed. LTNs form part of that, and I would ensure Ealing Council offers this to residents through meaningful consultation. If an LTN in one area causes an unacceptable increase in traffic and air pollution in a different area, this second area will then be considered for appropriate measures.

As part of a comprehension air pollution strategy, in conjunction with Transport for London, other measures must be taken. Examples include: expanding the ULEZ across all of Ealing Borough, surveying local journeys made, reviewing barriers to active travel, and review of bus services. Converting buses to electric is a key priority of Greens on the London Assembly. 

The introduction of LTNs needs to be part of comprehensive, joined up strategies for addressing air pollution, climate change and active travel across all of Ealing. The Council’s current Air Quality Action Plan expires in 2022 and the new Plan needs to deliver meaningful results2. 

Meaningful consultation means agreement in advance with local community groups about who will be consulted, and what percentage of responses will be acceptable. A mixture of consultation methods must be used, appropriate to the local community. Consultation results must then be communicated via letter and electronically. Consultation will include reference to air pollution and carbon emissions, and will not focus solely on ‘rat-running’. The current consultation is inadequate, it offers only a Brexit style “in or out choice” and is open to abuse. It will not solve the divisions, or provide a coherent answer to the problems of air quality, carbon emissions and road safety. 

To show support for Low Traffic Neighbourhoods the council has an online consultation here:


Elected Greens have a track record of being able to deliver action on air pollution, carbon emissions and active transport: https://york.greenparty.org.uk/campaigns/clean-air-zone-for-york/

1. https://www.who.int/news-room/fact-sheets/detail/ambient-%28outdoor%29-air-quality-and-health
2. https://www.ealing.gov.uk/downloads/download/4240/air_quality_action_plan_aqap


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