Development Overdrive in Hanwell – Time to Renew Our Battle

We are protesting against The Marshall Development. You will remember that the Ealing Green Party campaigned very hard against this monstrous over-development on Hanwell Broadway and that we were successful. Ealing Council rejected the plan by 12 votes to 1. However, the developers have now appealed against this rejection to the Secretary of State.

So we must now object to the appeal.

Comment online by clicking this link and then clicking save and continue:

The Appeal Reference number is APP/A5270/W/18/3212646

An alternative way of making your objection is by sending an email outlining your views directly to

Points that you could make in your comments include:

  • Height: 9 storeys is completely out of keeping with the character of the street and the area and will reduce the light for the community.
  • Air pollution: NO2 very bad on Hanwell Broadway – regularly breaks the law. New skyscrapers will make it worse.
  • Affordable housing: offering too little and inappropriate, too ‘ghettoized’.
  • Local resources overstretched already: There is no provision for more local transport. There is no car parking provision which will make the pavements of Old Hanwell even more impassible for pedestrians.

Download our leaflet here.

Dormers Wells By Election 2018 – Green Party Candidate Meena Hans

Dormers Wells by-election candidate Meena HansI am proud to stand as a candidate for the Green Party in the Dormer’s Wells by-election.

I have been an active member of the Green Party since 2010 and have stood in local elections 3 times, as a parliamentary candidate twice and as the borough candidate for the London Assembly.

I am an adult education teacher and have been teaching in and around the borough for over 25 years.   

I grew up in Southall and have lived in various parts of the borough throughout my life, including 10 years in Dormer’s Wells, so am very familiar with the area and its needs.

If chosen as the councillor for this ward, I would listen to what the residents want changed and do my best to help them achieve this, as well as upholding my Green values of fighting air pollution, which in London kills around  10,000 people a year, fighting to keep our green spaces, which studies have proven are needed for our mental well-being and also help with lessening air pollution, fighting overdevelopment which puts a strain on the current infrastructure.  

If you want someone with a positive outlook, who is willing to work hard on your behalf and wants to make life in Dormer’s Wells better for all its residents, vote Green.

Thank you!

Meena Hans

Parliament Week at the Impact Theatre

An Invitation From Impact Theatre

Impact Theatre are an excellent organisation based in Perival, and are dedicated to promoting a positive image of disability, developing communication and building self-confidence, through participation in performing and creative arts. When they invited me to their Parliament Week event (along with candidates from all other political parties) it was an opportunity I could not pass up.

Engaged and Ready for Dialogue

I am glad to say I found a group of people who were very engaged and ready for constructive dialogue. They were very kind to me, and when the time came for me to give a talk we had a conversation on subjects that ranged from how democracy works, the differences between the political parties, the current situation in Britain, relations between America and Britain, and of course the environment!

Tough Questions!

I must admit that of the many questions I was asked, the one that stumped me the most was “who has the biggest mouth, Donald Trump or Boris Johnson”! After umming and ahing for a few seconds I decided “I wish both of them would think before they speak” which went down well enough. But overall this was a fantastic experience.

Green Shoots!

I am glad to say my talk was positively received and I am told there may be some “green shoots” at the Impact Theatre! But whatever their choices when it comes to voting, I hope that the people of Impact Theatre remain as interested and engaged as I found them.

Jeremy Parker – A Potential Green Voice on Ealing Council

After living in Ealing for nearly three years I feel I have gained a good understanding of the local issues that the district faces (like the sale of Warren Farm and Ealing Town Hall and the threat to Northfields allotments), and how the national issues that affect us all manifest themselves in Ealing (like air pollution, the NHS, affordable housing and the Heathrow extension). Having a councillor would give the Ealing Greens a voice and an ability to affect these issues constructively, and I would very much like to be a channel for that voice, to assist the party in making a difference and helping people.

During the run up to the 2017 election I met and spoke to many people in the Elthorne Ward in the course of our campaigning, and the positive response we received gives me confidence that we will have a good chance of success in 2018. I would be pleased to dedicate all my energy to achieve this success, and would take great pride in representing the Green Party and working towards implementing the many great ideas that the Ealing Greens have in achieving a fairer, more sustainable Ealing and London.

An Inconvenient Sequel – The Review

Inconvenient Sequel Movie Poster

There are still many facts and figures thrown at the audience in the Inconvenient sequel to Al Gore’s original documentary. But now they are more spaced out, so perhaps you don’t notice them so much. Then you think back and you realise you were told that 93% of the carbon emitted by humanity is absorbed by the oceans. You remember that the most powerful typhoon ever to hit land was powered by ocean temperatures 3 degrees higher than normal. You remember than 15 of the hottest years on record have come in the last 18 years, and so forth.

Having said that, this is more of a “Where are we now?” kind of film, rather than a “this is what it’s all about”. It is also a call to action – at the end we are urged to pressure our schools, our businesses, our workplaces, our local politicians to take action and do all they can to mitigate the climate crisis.

In some ways, since An Inconvenient Truth was broadcast, the world has grown darker. Extreme weather events have become more and more common place (such as the aforementioned typhoon); fossil fuel companies pour huge funds into a campaign of disinformation – intent on slowing the place of climate action and protecting their own profits; and then of course there is Donald Trump.

There is also reason to hope though: witness the conservative republican mayor of a city in Texas who is overseeing a complete conversion to renewable energy; and the incredible pace at which Chile is pushing its solar power revolution. It is important to hold on to these signs of hope and not feel too discouraged about the future. As the film itself notes, ‘Despair is just another form of denial’.

Al Gore InterviewAs regards criticisms of the film: much of it is centred on Al Gore’s experiences at the Paris Climate summit – and while this is interesting in places, it was pointed out that the movie felt like “The Al Gore Show” at times. Also, perhaps the attitude towards ‘developing countries’ (i.e India) veered towards the condescending and simplistic. The movie certainly came from a western perspective.

It should also be noted that while Al Gore is an evangelist for solar power, this form of energy can come with its own environmental and human exploitation costs as regards mining for the necessary materials. Mr Gore would do well to acknowledge this and call for more environmentally friendly and ethical means of extraction.

It remains to be seen whether this sequel will be as effective as An Inconvenient Truth. Having said that, this is a subject too important not to at least try. Go and see what you think!


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