Our Position on Heathrow Expansion is no way!

Heathrow is already the biggest single source of carbon emissions in the UK and expansion will add an extra 8-9 megatonnes of CO2 per year. A third runway at Heathrow is simply not compatible with the UK’s legally binding climate targets.

Aviation clearly has to contract, not expand, while we need to promote and encourage cleaner options like train travel, which could replace many Heathrow flights.

Not only considering these terrible climate change consequences of the airport, huge numbers of Londoners already suffer from the noise and air pollution from Heathrow, see their transport systems overloaded and their lives disrupted and expansion will only make their lives worse.

Even the Transport Select Committee concluded that 323,684 people will be newly affected by noise from Heathrow. Data from the Civil Aviation Authority reveals that 2.2 MILLION people will experience an increase in noise from an expanded Heathrow. The proposed expansion would result in an additional 285,000 flights each year or over 700 extra flights per day.

There isn’t even a local jobs or economic case for the expansion as there is no explicit job model and no clear job creation analysis included in the Airports National Policy Statement. Many of the few jobs created will be low-skilled and short term.

The Government accepts Heathrow expansion would have a “significant negative” effect on air quality which is already a crisis issue for the residents of Ealing and Southall.

If you are as upset as we are about the plans for Heathrow expansion then please follow and support the No 3rd Runway Coalition.

I hope this makes our and the Green Party’s position clear.

Planning: balancing climate crisis and housing

London needs affordable housing to address inequality and poverty. We need homes for our workers and families.

London needs to address the climate crisis. Air pollution is already damaging our health. We must protect our green spaces.

London needs to deal with both issues urgently.

The best way to do this is by working with the communities involved. Planning law is set up so that this is a huge challenge. Objections to planning have to be in line with certain considerations, and strength of local opposition isn’t one of these.

How can we change this?

Get involved. Know how to object effectively to planning.

Join a local group; in Ealing: Stop the Towers. Save Gurnell. Warren Farm. Your residents’ association. Keep up to date by signing up for the latest from developments in your area. Old Oak Common needs particular attention.





Planning applications have to be in guidance with local plans; so making sure the local plan is appropriate and sustainable is crucial. Look out for local plan development– sign up for information here:


Support plans which develop on existing industrial sites, within reasonable limits and with affordable provision. We need buildings constructed with biodiversity preservation in mind, swift bricks and bat boxes built into the plans, and green space close by.

For real change and to give local communities more say over development in their area, we need change at a national level.

The Green Party propose to repeal the National Planning Policy Framework and instead give power to local councils to assess, with their communities, the housing need. At present this is done by the same firms who work for developers. We need to remove the presumption in favour of allowing development while supporting brownfield development and giving councils more powers to buy land for this.

A nice summary from our Political Programme:

Making it easier for communities to block the wrong type of development: The planning system is based on a presumption in favour of development, which loads the dice in favour of speculative developers seeking high profits. We will repeal this presumption, and replace the current National Planning Policy Framework with spatial plans that preserve ecological habitats and prioritise council house building on brownfield land. A new developer’s duty will ensure that a greater share of the profits that are created when new homes are built goes back to the local council, to be spent on planning new council homes and accessible green spaces for the community. We will use the planning system to increase the amount of green open space – we want everyone to live within 5 minutes’ walk of publicly accessible green spaces.


Lots (and lots) more here on Green Party position on planning:

and housing:

Please Support Our Crowdfunder Campaign For General Election 2019

Our General Election crowdfunder is here https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/green-voices-for-ealing

Across Ealing, we need Green Voices to keep climate breakdown as the key issue for this election. 

Airport expansion, air pollution, protection of our green spaces and the far-reaching social consequences of climate destruction must be at the centre of politics. 

We need to show the strength of the Green vote to ensure Green issues are at the heart of policy, debate and decision making. 

We need your help to continue representing our communities with strong Green voices. Politics is expensive and the Green Party doesn’t accept donations from tax dodgers and oligarchs. 

This election we are standing candidates in each Ealing constituency.

Darren Moore for Ealing Southall

Read about Darren here.

Dr Kate Crossland for Ealing Central and Acton

Read about Kate here.

Jeremy Parker for Ealing North

Read about Jeremy here.

We’re powered by the generosity of you: our local community.


Why vote Green?

We believe the people have a right to vote for the party and person who best represents their views. This is particularly crucial in this time of political change.

We understand that to save our climate and ecosystems, sustainability must be at the heart of every debate, policy and decision. We fear the consequences of empty election promises made to win votes and broken by party political divisions, within and between parties.

We know to achieve environmental and social justice we need to show the strength of the Green vote, united together in our country. We need to increase Green representation in all parts of our democratic system.

This is why we are standing.

We need your vote. Your vote will count.

Your candidates in the 2019 General Election:

Brexit, People’s Vote, and the Green Party

The Green Party accepted the result of the referendum in 2016.


Democracy is necessarily responsive and changeable. And the situation has changed many many times since then.

The Green Party now support a second referendum.


It seems that no voter can honestly say the 2016 vote was well informed or included a full understanding of what leaving the EU would entail. We need to go back to the people of the UK with the Withdrawal Bill, once it has been through Parliamentary process. We also need to discuss – in Parliament, and as a whole nation- what we do with the results of this vote before we ask.

If Scotland votes to remain, and England to leave, what next?

If Wales does the same? Or the opposite?

If we are split 50:50, what then?

The answers to this need to be made clear so that the people can make their vote in with clarity; and with trust that it will be respected. In a referendum every vote really does count.

Elected Green Party members are not ‘whipped’ into taking a particular line. This post represents my thoughts, and while I know these resonate with others in the local and national party, each elected Green is free to vote in the way that represents their view and the best option for the people they serve. We also must keep an open mind and be prepared to change in response to a changing situation.

Flight Free 2020

We know we have a climate problem; and we know air travel contributes to this.

How any individual factor contributes to the overall heating of the planet is always going to be a subject of much debate. There are views that changing diet is more important, that emissions from fuel are where we should be focusing, that there’s no point doing anything unless China or the USA change. We can think about our technology habits, mobile phone networks, fast fashion.

We can be so paralysed by the reasons why that we end up doing nothing.

Flight Free 2020 have a simple idea: pledge not to fly in the year 2020, knowing that 100,000* other people are doing the same.

In their own words:

It is easy to think that individual actions don’t make a difference, and not to bother trying. But if we can show that there are 100,000 people who are prepared to take an air-free year, we send a clear signal to industry and politicians – and also to each other – that there are many who are willing to change their lifestyles to protect the climate.

(well I suppose technically that’s 99,999 people other than you)

I’ve pledged – will you?



Meat-Free Mondays

One simple way to reduce your carbon footprint: eat mostly plants.

Going vegan is great (I recommend it) but not everyone is ready for that.

One small step is better than no steps, and meat-free Mondays are a great start.

What if… we could get all schools, work-places, cafes, and restaurants to do that? The carbon saving would be huge!

One place I’ve started is with my child’s school. Will you join me?

Ask your local school caterer if they will do go meat-free on just one day a week.

If you have a child at an Ealing School:

– email your catering company or use the contact form on their website- can you get other parents to do the same? Many schools locally use Harrisons https://www.harrisoncatering.co.uk/contact-us

– approach your Head and see if they would request a ‘meat-free monday’ menu

Here’s an example email/message:

Dear Catering Company,

With a climate emergency declared, we must protect our planet for the future. As a parent I’ve been wondering how I can help.

I’d love to support meat-free mondays at our school, xxxxxx school.

I know many parents would support this and will also be in touch. Our head may also contact you.

Looking forward to hearing what steps you can take- it would be great to start in 2020!



Let me know how you get on!

Strike for Climate

Ealing Greens joined millions across the World in gathering to call for action on the Climate Emergency. Some were striking from school, but joining them this time were adults drawn by the energy of the student strikers. 

The atmosphere in London was hopeful but frustrated. Creative home-made signs, chalked slogans and passionate speakers were all wonderful to witness. 

I left, like many others I suspect, feeling ‘well that was great but what now?’. 

Greta Thunberg provided the answer in this inspirational short video with George Monbiot:

Protect. Restore. Fund. 

Clear, plain speaking. 

Here’s an even quicker summary in case you don’t have time for the video:

Protect: Nature is a tool we can use to repair our broken climate; but only if we also leave fossil fuels in the ground. Where nature is doing something vital, we must protect it. 

Restore: Nature can regenerate and we can help ecosystems bounce back. 

Fund: Stop funding things that destroy nature and pay for things that help it. 

And at 2mins57 the inspiration to keep going I really needed: ‘vote for people who defend nature’

Find out more at https://globalclimatestrike.net/ and https://www.schoolstrike4climate.com/


I struggle to describe myself as ‘anti-HS2’. I dislike being ‘anti’ anything, in the same way, I try to avoid using the word hate. It’s an unhelpful sentiment. If I say I’m anti-HS2, and it does get built, and one day I use it, what does that make me?

Instead, I will say I am HS2-disappointed. Disappointed because a big ‘yes’ to rail projects.

But not this one. Too much impact, not enough benefit. We need better rural rail links, integrated transport, better rail pricing. We haven’t even got a consistent system for taking bikes on trains!

I met a local resident profoundly affected by the works at Old Oak Common. Trying to get her voice heard. Her struggles are that of overwhelming HS2-disappointment- the list of broken assurances is astonishing.

The residents affected by HS2 works are real-life examples of the failings of our political system- where is the power? It’s not with the people.

Where is the justice? It’s not coming their way anytime soon.

The Green Party nationally has a strong stance on this one:
“We will scrap HS2” and much more in ‘Our Political Programme’

Information on Ealing residents affected by HS2 via https://twitter.com/WellsHouseRoad

Stop the Arms Fair

Every two years, the ExCel Centre in East London hosts an international arms fair, called ‘Defence and Security International’. A chance to ‘showcase the best of British defence technology’, and learn how to ‘deal with the complexity of the future operating environment’.

The future environment will indeed be more complex. Climate crisis creates population displacement, conflict over resources, uncertainty and fear. We could be leading the world on solutions to this. Instead, we celebrate our weapons of war.

I celebrate the Green Party’s opposition to this. We believe in waging peace, not war.

I celebrate the brave protestors once again risking arrest. I celebrate the ones who said no. 

Find out more:



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