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We’re a friendly group of Ealing Green Party members who get together once a month for a meeting and during the week at community events.

Latest News

The London Green Party 2021 Manifesto – The road to a green city

A couple of weeks ago, I joined Sian Berry, Caroline Russell and my fellow Green Party constituency candidates from all over London to formally introduce the world to the London Green Party 2021 Manifesto.

Low Traffic Neighbourhoods – the road to a car-free London needs to be traveled together

Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (LTNs) are causing quite a stir in Ealing. You are either for them or against them; there is no middle ground. During my campaigning, the thing people ask me about most is the LTNs.

Emily Grassi – Hobbayne Candidate

I am standing as candidate of the Green Party for the ward of Hobbayne.

Meena Hans – Ealing Broadway Candidate

I am proud to stand as a candidate for the Green Party in the ward of Ealing Broadway.

Dr Kate Crossland – Hanger Hill Candidate

I joined the Green Party because I felt frustrated that while we can all make personal ‘green’ choices, individual change is not enough. A sustainable choice needs to be made the easiest choice; and for that we need our communities, organisations, businesses and all levels of government to act together.


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