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We’re a friendly group of Ealing Green Party members who get together once a month for a meeting and during the week at community events.

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Please Support Our Crowdfunder Campaign For General Election 2019

This election we are standing candidates in each Ealing constituency. Please support their campaigns on the Crowdfunder: https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/green-voices-for-ealing

The Gurnell Project: Ealing Council is at it Again

The Gurnell development is another example of residents’ concerns being ignored and the logic of Ealing Council flying in the face of the Climate and Ecological emergency.

Our Position on Heathrow Expansion is no way!

Heathrow is already the biggest single source of carbon emissions in the UK and expansion will add an extra 8-9 megatonnes of CO2 per year. A third runway at Heathrow is simply not compatible with the UK’s legally binding climate targets. Aviation clearly has to contract, not expand, while we need to promote and encourage […]

Planning: balancing climate crisis and housing

Way to get involved in planning decisions and what needs to change.

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