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Stay at home, save lives.


We’re a friendly group of Ealing Green Party members who get together once a month for a meeting and during the week at community events.

Latest News

Low Traffic Neighbourhoods

Low traffic neighbourhoods are being introduced across Ealing, with ten schemes starting in the next month.

Ealing Green Party Response to Ealing Council Draft Climate And Ecological Emergency Strategy

The Ealing Green Party has reviewed the Ealing Council Climate Emergency Strategy and highlights five areas with specific recommendations for improvement.

The Air is Toxic in Southall – 5th August 2020

Amrik Mahi and Tim Webb talk about air quality and the danger to the residents of Southall presented by the Waterside development.

Our Land: Save Gurnell and Protect Warren Farm – 1st July 2020

Our online event from 1st August featuring Save Gurnell and Hanwell Nature is now available to view.

The Future

Meena Hans outlines an optimistic vision for a post Covid world.


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The only party in Ealing which puts your community ahead of big business.