Strike for Climate

Ealing Greens joined millions across the World in gathering to call for action on the Climate Emergency. Some were striking from school, but joining them this time were adults drawn by the energy of the student strikers. 

The atmosphere in London was hopeful but frustrated. Creative home-made signs, chalked slogans and passionate speakers were all wonderful to witness. 

I left, like many others I suspect, feeling ‘well that was great but what now?’. 

Greta Thunberg provided the answer in this inspirational short video with George Monbiot:

Protect. Restore. Fund. 

Clear, plain speaking. 

Here’s an even quicker summary in case you don’t have time for the video:

Protect: Nature is a tool we can use to repair our broken climate; but only if we also leave fossil fuels in the ground. Where nature is doing something vital, we must protect it. 

Restore: Nature can regenerate and we can help ecosystems bounce back. 

Fund: Stop funding things that destroy nature and pay for things that help it. 

And at 2mins57 the inspiration to keep going I really needed: ‘vote for people who defend nature’

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