Why else should you vote Green ?

The Green Party is the only party which is genuinely committed to reducing inequality. If the Green Party policy of ‘Citizens Income’ were in place, there would have already been a safety net in place to support those hit economically by the Coronavirus.

The Green Party is the only party that is genuinely committed to addressing climate change. Labour and Conservative councils, including Ealing, pass empty motions about a Climate Emergency and then do nothing.

The Green Party is only party that is committed to real democracy and to public control at all levels. Where people actually have a say in the towns where they live. Not phoney consultations where the majority party does whatever it likes anyway. Or a health service that is being privatised and run for profit.

Your votes count

Every vote counts in the London elections because we have Proportional Representation. The vote for Mayor allow you to vote Green and then a second choice. The voting system for the London Assembly Members means there already two Green Assembly members. The Greens aim to gain more members so they can do more to represent your interests. The Greens are the already the third largest party – the LibDems have just one Assembly Member.    

Our Candidates

Vote for our London Assembley candidate: Marijn van de Geer.

In Hanger Hill Dr Kate Crossland

And in Ealing Broadway Meena Hans.


If you'd like to join

  1. Become a member for £3 per month.
  2. Receive a welcome email from our Secretary.
  3. Come to our monthly meeting and say hi.
  4. Get stuck in, making a fairer and greener Ealing.

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