What we stand for

Hackney Green Party members have chosen the following priorities:

A secure home for all Hackney residents: a house should be a home to live in, not simply an asset for investors. We are calling for rent caps in London, controls on property speculation and the building of 500,000 new socially-rented energy efficient homes across the UK.

A fairer distribution of the UK’s wealth: our policies focus on equality, a true living wage – a minimum of £10 per hour, banning zero-hours contracts and having positive conversations about immigration.

Reversing cuts to our public services: we’re the only UK-wide party that presents a consistent anti-austerity message. We believe in a properly funded, public NHS free from private profiteering and with investment in mental health services.

Publicly-owned NHS, railway and energy: it’s time to bring the services that mean most to all of us back into our hands and stop further marketisation of the NHS, so everyone can benefit.

Fighting for your democratic voice: more people don’t vote at all than vote for the main political parties, that’s why we’re committed to a proportional representation voting system.

A thriving, healthy economy and environment: we need to tackle air pollution in Hackney, take real action on climate change – investing in renewable energy, rejecting nuclear power and fracking, pushing forward with a rapid transition to a low carbon economy creating new jobs and growth for a sustainable future.

The EU: Hold the government to account on their negotiations for exiting the EU, it must not be used as a backdoor for rolling back hard won safeguards and protections for people and the environment. We believe that immigration should be celebrated, that it makes London and Hackney the place we know and love.

You can read about the Green Party’s national manifesto here.

You can also read our 2016 Hackney Majoral Election manifesto (pdf).


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