Meat-Free Mondays

One simple way to reduce your carbon footprint: eat mostly plants.

Going vegan is great (I recommend it) but not everyone is ready for that.

One small step is better than no steps, and meat-free Mondays are a great start.

What if… we could get all schools, work-places, cafes, and restaurants to do that? The carbon saving would be huge!

One place I’ve started is with my child’s school. Will you join me?

Ask your local school caterer if they will do go meat-free on just one day a week.

If you have a child at an Ealing School:

– email your catering company or use the contact form on their website- can you get other parents to do the same? Many schools locally use Harrisons

– approach your Head and see if they would request a ‘meat-free monday’ menu

Here’s an example email/message:

Dear Catering Company,

With a climate emergency declared, we must protect our planet for the future. As a parent I’ve been wondering how I can help.

I’d love to support meat-free mondays at our school, xxxxxx school.

I know many parents would support this and will also be in touch. Our head may also contact you.

Looking forward to hearing what steps you can take- it would be great to start in 2020!



Let me know how you get on!


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