Street Space for Ealing People

Street Space for Ealing People

For at least the near future COVID-19 will dramatically change the way we go about our daily lives in Ealing.

Social distancing rules are likely to apply even after the lockdown is lifted.

With the great reduction in motor traffic that we’ve seen due to people working from home and exercising locally, it is clear that the balance of use on Ealing’s streets is out of step with the current needs of its residents.

To keep us all safe as we move about Ealing we think it is vital that Ealing Council create social distancing routes by closing unnecessary roads to traffic, reducing through traffic on side streets, and creating segregated cycling routes to allow Ealing residents to cycle to work safely.

These steps are already happening across the world in Germany, New York and Paris.

Nationally, Scotland has Pledged £10 Million for pop-up cycleways and pavements during lockdown and already some Cities in Britain have started extending pavements and creating pop up cycleways.

There is a lot of evidence showing how popular our clean air is across London, and also how keeping the air clean is an important step to reducing the impact of the Corona virus.

So let’s provide a list of roads to Ealing Council of areas that need to be closed off to allow social distancing, and create protected cycleways to allow us all to get to work safely after the lockdown is relaxed.

Please fill in the form below with your ideas, and we’ll pull them all together and present them to the council.

Let us know which Ealing Streets need space for social distancing

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