It’s quite easy to make a difference:

  1. Make climate-conscious political decisions – you’re already here!
  2. Eat less red meat – having one meat free day per week would make a massive difference if everyone did it. https://www.meatfreemondays.com/
  3. Avoid products containing palm oil. We realise that this is harder than it should be and are planning to publish further guidance. Look out for it!
  4. Purchase green electricity. 
  5. Make your home and household energy efficient by buying A+ grade appliances.
  6. Walk, cycle or take public transport – think very hard about long-distance flying. Drive at the speed limit or below. Don’t idle your car engine unnecessarily.
  7. Recycle, reuse and avoid useless purchases, keep things a long time and repair them rather than throw away.
  8. Telecommute and teleconference, or work locally.
  9. Buy local produce and grow your own.
  10. Offset what you can’t save.

First easy steps

    1. Work out where you’re at today – using the online calculator: http://climatecare.org/calculator/
    2. Watch Leonardo DiCaprio’s ‘Before The Flood’ and Al Gore’s ‘The Inconvenient Truth’ and his follow up.
    3. Ask your energy company for a Smart Meter.
    4. Try an energy fast for a day or weekend to understand how much energy you are using.
    5. Get out in nature, and get your children out in nature too – if they experience it and appreciate they will fight for it in the future.
    6. Check out these websites:


If you'd like to join

  1. Become a member for £3 per month.
  2. Receive a welcome email from our Secretary.
  3. Come to our monthly meeting and say hi.
  4. Get stuck in, making a fairer and greener Ealing.

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