Why I chose the Green Party

Lewis Ashton, new Ealing Party Member

Why did I choose the Green Party? What I would like to tell you is that I have always been a devoted environmentalist and so it was a no brainer. However, growing up in a small town in Oxford, I wasn’t really aware of issues further away than my garden or then my local area at least. From leaving school, I had to make the decision for which university degree I would like to pursue. Having been okay at maths and science, alongside being sporty, the two options I thought were sports science or marine biology, with the latter just because it seemed interesting. I went with marine biology because I thought most people do sports science and it wouldn’t be new, plus, learning about the oceans seemed fascinating!

This was the first time I’d started to think about the bigger picture regarding our planet, and I personally felt a bit clueless. Luckily my course helped slightly, but I still felt like there was so much more to learn. After university I travelled, which I understand isn’t the best environmentally, however, it did allow me to witness some horrible truths that you normally only hear about in the news. From the mass bleaching of the Great Barrier Reef to spending a couple of months in South East Asia without seeing a single blue sky because of mass crop burning. It wasn’t all awful though, I did get to witness just how beautiful this planet can be, which led me to enrol in an environmental postgrad, with the hope of pursuing a career that will hopefully benefit the planet.

Throughout this little journey I noticed the impacts we are having on the climate have started to become increasingly commonplace. I also started to personally try and minimise my own impact: changing my diet, cycling as a means of transport and using more sustainable products. Additionally, I was fortunate enough to get an environmental job within the engineering sector.

Even though all of this is helpful I felt like I could be doing more, and though there are already plenty of people changing their habits to better our environment, things don’t seem to be changing as fast as they could, which is frustrating.

This final realisation is what brought me to the Green Party! Things aren’t happening fast enough; the political discussion needs to be changed. Of course, we still need to focus on all of the aspects to improve our society, but I believe we can do this in an environmentally friendly way. We have the technology and the innovation to find solutions whilst also benefiting our climate. The only thing I feel that is standing in the way is politics. The sooner we change the conversation, the better, and I feel the Green Party is the place to do this. I am very positive about the impact we can have on the world; the failures of the past are there for us to learn from.


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