Peace descends across London

It’s particularly lovely to be able to walk out of our houses in Ealing to the sound of birdsong, conversations between neighbours, and children playing in their gardens, rather than the sound of ‘planes taking off at Heathrow airport, the constant drone of traffic on the A4, and the nuisance of accelerating cars cutting through the residential streets of Ealing.

It’s particularly lovely that people of all ages and from all walks of life are now taking to their bikes for their daily exercise.  Now that 90% of the road traffic has gone we are no longer faced with the stress of cycling around Ealing, and our families can now take to the roads without the fear of being harmed.

This complete transformation of the streetscapes of Ealing has to ask the question, have more lives been saved across the country thanks to the reduction in air pollution and a reduction in road traffic casualties than have been taken from COVID-19? With air pollution thought to cause 10,000 early deaths a year, and TfL having detailed reports showing road traffic casualties of 25,000 per year then it is very possible.

Putting aside the terrible cost in human lives on our Ealing roads, the transformation back to quiet neighbourly streets where people can chat to each other without shouting and let their children head out without undue worry about their safety has got to be something to all want to promote and to continue after the end of this pandemic. 

The quality of our future lives depends on it.

Our Position on Heathrow Expansion is no way!

Heathrow is already the biggest single source of carbon emissions in the UK and expansion will add an extra 8-9 megatonnes of CO2 per year. A third runway at Heathrow is simply not compatible with the UK’s legally binding climate targets.

Aviation clearly has to contract, not expand, while we need to promote and encourage cleaner options like train travel, which could replace many Heathrow flights.

Not only considering these terrible climate change consequences of the airport, huge numbers of Londoners already suffer from the noise and air pollution from Heathrow, see their transport systems overloaded and their lives disrupted and expansion will only make their lives worse.

Even the Transport Select Committee concluded that 323,684 people will be newly affected by noise from Heathrow. Data from the Civil Aviation Authority reveals that 2.2 MILLION people will experience an increase in noise from an expanded Heathrow. The proposed expansion would result in an additional 285,000 flights each year or over 700 extra flights per day.

There isn’t even a local jobs or economic case for the expansion as there is no explicit job model and no clear job creation analysis included in the Airports National Policy Statement. Many of the few jobs created will be low-skilled and short term.

The Government accepts Heathrow expansion would have a “significant negative” effect on air quality which is already a crisis issue for the residents of Ealing and Southall.

If you are as upset as we are about the plans for Heathrow expansion then please follow and support the No 3rd Runway Coalition.

I hope this makes our and the Green Party’s position clear.

Please Support Our Crowdfunder Campaign For General Election 2019

Our General Election crowdfunder is here

Across Ealing, we need Green Voices to keep climate breakdown as the key issue for this election. 

Airport expansion, air pollution, protection of our green spaces and the far-reaching social consequences of climate destruction must be at the centre of politics. 

We need to show the strength of the Green vote to ensure Green issues are at the heart of policy, debate and decision making. 

We need your help to continue representing our communities with strong Green voices. Politics is expensive and the Green Party doesn’t accept donations from tax dodgers and oligarchs. 

This election we are standing candidates in each Ealing constituency.

Darren Moore for Ealing Southall

Read about Darren here.

Dr Kate Crossland for Ealing Central and Acton

Read about Kate here.

Jeremy Parker for Ealing North

Read about Jeremy here.

We’re powered by the generosity of you: our local community.

Meet your Candidate for Ealing Southall – Darren Moore

Darren Moore is a trained Earth Scientist (Geology and Geophysics) with a deep understanding of the Earth’s environmental science. He loves nature and loves to be outdoors and is currently enjoying the conflicts and challenges of finding nature in the City of London. Darren is an active travel advocate and has been in the middle of the CS9/ CW9 campaign to allow safe cycling in West London. He is also a trustee of green charity Cultivate London.

Darren Moore - Ealing Southall
Darren Moore – Ealing Southall

Development Overdrive in Hanwell – Time to Renew Our Battle

We are protesting against The Marshall Development. You will remember that the Ealing Green Party campaigned very hard against this monstrous over-development on Hanwell Broadway and that we were successful. Ealing Council rejected the plan by 12 votes to 1. However, the developers have now appealed against this rejection to the Secretary of State.

So we must now object to the appeal.

Comment online by clicking this link and then clicking save and continue:

The Appeal Reference number is APP/A5270/W/18/3212646

An alternative way of making your objection is by sending an email outlining your views directly to

Points that you could make in your comments include:

  • Height: 9 storeys is completely out of keeping with the character of the street and the area and will reduce the light for the community.
  • Air pollution: NO2 very bad on Hanwell Broadway – regularly breaks the law. New skyscrapers will make it worse.
  • Affordable housing: offering too little and inappropriate, too ‘ghettoized’.
  • Local resources overstretched already: There is no provision for more local transport. There is no car parking provision which will make the pavements of Old Hanwell even more impassible for pedestrians.

Download our leaflet here.

Dormers Wells By Election 2018 – Green Party Candidate Meena Hans

Dormers Wells by-election candidate Meena HansI am proud to stand as a candidate for the Green Party in the Dormer’s Wells by-election.

I have been an active member of the Green Party since 2010 and have stood in local elections 3 times, as a parliamentary candidate twice and as the borough candidate for the London Assembly.

I am an adult education teacher and have been teaching in and around the borough for over 25 years.   

I grew up in Southall and have lived in various parts of the borough throughout my life, including 10 years in Dormer’s Wells, so am very familiar with the area and its needs.

If chosen as the councillor for this ward, I would listen to what the residents want changed and do my best to help them achieve this, as well as upholding my Green values of fighting air pollution, which in London kills around  10,000 people a year, fighting to keep our green spaces, which studies have proven are needed for our mental well-being and also help with lessening air pollution, fighting overdevelopment which puts a strain on the current infrastructure.  

If you want someone with a positive outlook, who is willing to work hard on your behalf and wants to make life in Dormer’s Wells better for all its residents, vote Green.

Thank you!

Meena Hans

12 Years To Avoid a Climate Change Catastrophe

The IPCC (Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change) released a disturbing report this week outlining that we have just 12 years to avoid a climate change catastrophe.

Hounslow Fire 2018
Hounslow Heath Fire 2018

The report makes it clear that it is man-made climate change that is causing extreme weather events across the country including the heatwaves we experienced this summer in Ealing.

Although councils have the power to make changes to positively impact climate change they appear to be dragging their heels.

In four years time at the end of this current Labour administration in Ealing, we’ll only have 8 years left so they must start taking meaningful action today.


‘8 for 2018’ by Stop Killing Cyclists

Stop Killing Cyclists


Stop Killing Cyclists

The campaign group Stop Killing Cyclists are asking Londoners to write to political leaders and candidates standing in the local elections in May to incorporate eight demands into their manifestos.

They are not all easy to implement and would need careful consideration and consultation with our fellow Ealing residents.

However, each demand is crucial to the health and safety of people living in Ealing, whether they are cyclists or not.

Ealing Council has been making positive movements in the right direction, but needs a Green voice to push the current initiatives further, and drive for new ones like a CSH quality segregated cycleway along Uxbridge Road, and the Mini Holland already specified in our original 2014 Mini Holland bid.

Therefore, the Ealing Green Party will commit to endeavouring to meet these demands,  and influencing other parties to implement them, should we be elected to the council in May.

Mini Holland and protected cycleways

Demands 1 and 3 refer to the creation of a ‘Mini-Holland’ and newly protected cycleways.

Ealing Council and Ealing Cycling Campaign have already carried out a lot of analysis and planning for their Mini Holland bid in 2014 and we will update and adapt this existing plan. Uxbridge Road is a prime candidate for a properly protected cycleway. We will insist that the current patchwork of substandard cycle route is upgraded to CSH standards.

Demand 7 refers to the danger of left-hand turns. We would fully support the introduction of protected left-hand turns and T-junction bypasses at traffic lights for cyclists where they don’t currently exist and audit the ones that are currently in place. We will push for the publication of the Uxbridge Road safety audit and ensure that its recommendations are actioned quickly and effectively.

If we are successful at implementing demand 1 and 3, we believe the safe left-hand turns should be addressed at the same time. In areas where we have not yet secured protected cycle lanes, we would want protected left-hand turns and bypasses created as soon as possible in consultation with the local community to better understand where these are most needed.

As part of our commitment to safer cycling, we currently support Cycle Superhighway 9 from Brentford to Kensington Olympia via Chiswick. In consultation with Ealing residents, we would also ask TfL for our own Cycle Superhighway for Ealing along Uxbridge Road.

Speed limits and traffic-free high streets

Demand 4 asks for a 20 mile per hour speed limit throughout the borough and Demand 6 asks for a traffic-free high street with a cycleway through it.

Given much of Ealing is currently under 20mph limits we would work to ensure the 20mph limit is implemented Borough-wide. We would also work with the Police to start to enforce this limit.

Driving in London is extremely frustrating as it is so congested, and drivers often forget that everywhere they go there will be people walking and cycling. With the 20 miles per hour speed limit we would greatly reduce the risk of accidents by vehicle collisions. People in Ealing are taking to walking and cycling at an increasing rate, we hope that safer roads will encourage even more people to do so. We believe this will help decrease the number of cars on the road.

Many high streets in other areas of London and throughout the UK have become pedestrianised successfully. We would support pedestrianisation of Ealing high streets in close consultation with local residents and businesses. Since West Ealing has won the Liveable Neighbourhoods funding we will work to ensure it delivers on its initial promise and provides a safe, liveable active travel area for all ages.


Demand 2 of the 8 for 2018 campaign asks that the equivalent of £20 per person per year is spent on protected cycling infrastructure in the borough from the Council’s budget. Promoting cycling is a high priority for the Ealing Green Party in the view of air pollution reduction, health benefits through exercise, and reduction of risk of traffic accidents. We would, therefore, support this demand and commit at least £20 per person per year is spent on protected cycling infrastructure.

Ealing council vehicles

Demand 5 and 8 refer to the vehicles used by the council itself.

Demand 5 asks that the council encourages its staff to go to and from council business by bicycle instead of motor vehicle, where practical. We strongly support this. With the government’s Cycle Scheme in the workplace and initiatives such as the Santander Bikes and the newly introduced Mobikes, we feel people have genuine access to bicycles and therefore have no substantial reason for getting into a car. Especially with the right infrastructure, cycling to and from meetings will be much more time effective than cars or even public transport for short distances, and following their introduction in other councils, Ebikes for longer journeys.

Demand 8 refers to blind-spot equipment in the HGVs owned by Ealing Council, their contractors and their subcontractors. Ealing Council has already installed Cycle Safety Shield System in all its large vehicles and Ealing Green Party will insist that all HGVs that work within the Borough are equipped with the system or similar.

However, we do believe that HGVs and cyclists should not be sharing the same road space in the first place, so this demand would be implemented in parallel our efforts to create segregated and protected cycle paths. We do not want a false sense of security that blind-spot equipment could potentially provide and we do not want this demand to detract from the need of protected cycle paths.

For your information, the demands of the ‘8 for 2018’ campaign are listed below:

8 for 2018




Will you draw up and submit a bid for funding from the London Mayor’s Healthy Neighbourhoods Fund, plans to create a mini-Holland and a linked genuine Quietway route with roads closed to through vehicular traffic and removed parking, in Ealing  (Name locations of proposed Mini-Holland and Quietway route) in the first year of new administration?


  1. £20/PERSON/YEAR


Will you commit to spend the equivalent of a minimum of £20/person/year on protected cycling infrastructure in the Borough from your Borough’s own funds, to complement the funding committed by the London Mayor?




Will you commit to creating and completing a fully protected new cycle-lane, connecting with the proposed expanded London’s Mayor’s Protected Cycle Network along a major road maintained by the Borough?  (Name the road/route you will create this on).


Will you implement a 20mph speed limit on all Borough maintained roads?


Will you initiate a programme to ensure staff vehicular travel on council business will instead be undertaken by bike, where practical?


Will you create a new vehicular traffic-free high-street with cycle-route through it? (Name which local high-street).


Will you introduce protected left-hand turns and T-junction bypasses at traffic light controlled junctions where there are low levels of pedestrians, as standard practice on relevant borough controlled junctions?


Will you install blind-spot CCTV equipment in all your EALING council HGVs, sign up your council to the CLOCS HGV safety scheme, to demonstrate a timeline for all your service vehicles (e.g. HGVs) to be FORs Gold within 5 years and make any new vehicle purchases direct vision lorries (in line with above and new 5* direct vision standard) and demand the same of any contractors working for the council or sub-contractors.


Marshall Development in Hanwell

What is being proposed?

A large new development of 63 flats in the middle of Hanwell.

Marshall west elevation.jpeg

What is wrong with it?

It’s far too big. At 9 storeys, it is badly out of character for the small town of Hanwell and far greater than the density allocated to the area in the London Plan.

Local services will not be able to cope. Waiting times for GP and emergency services are already badly overstretched. The NHS is forecast to face its worst winter ever. This development has no plan to include school places or a doctor’s surgery.

Traffic is already very heavy on Uxbridge Road, leading to stress, wasted time and air pollution. It is already impossible to squeeze onto the skeleton train service from Hanwell station at peak times. Even with Crossrail coming, trains are impossibly crowded.

Plans like this risk turning Hanwell into a dormitory as local employment is chased out by development. Our community will suffer as people are forced to travel long distances for work, unable to find a job where they live.

Don’t we need housing in Hanwell?

Yes, but this won’t solve anything. The cost of these units is well out of most people’s price range.

They represent poor quality ‘rabbit hutch’ accommodation built to suit developers instead of providing a decent place to live. Low ceiling heights and cramped rooms make these unsuitable as family homes.

What should be on the site instead?

You tell us! Draw a picture, write a poem or describe what you would like to see. Then take a photo and send it to us at or tweet it at @EalingGreens.

What do you think? Do we need community and leisure facilities, like a local cinema, more green space, or something that will create good local jobs?

What can I do?

Ealing Council is due to consider the planning application soon. Please give your comments here.

There are a limited number of criteria that the Planning Committee of Ealing Council will actually consider.  These are:

1.  Design and layout of the development
2.  The external appearance and materials
3.  Provision of facilities for the disabled
4.  Loss of daylight and/or privacy
5.  Noise
6.  Traffic and parking
7.  Loss of a particular type of land (retail, green space, etc)

Please consider saying the development is too high, the external appearance is out of character for Hanwell, it has inadequate public transport provision (as Hanwell station is poorly served with an infrequent service), will cause parking issues (since the surrounding area does not have a Controlled Parking Zone), will lead to loss of daylight and privacy for the surrounding area (particularly the church next door), and is a strain on existing community facilities.

What does Ealing need?

A Green voice on the Council to make sure local people are listened to and properly


If you'd like to join

  1. Become a member for £3 per month.
  2. Receive a welcome email from our Secretary.
  3. Come to our monthly meeting and say hi.
  4. Get stuck in, making a fairer and greener Ealing.

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