Open Letter To Mr Virendra Sharma

Mr Virendra Sharma MP

House of Commons

24th April 2022

Dear Mr Sharma,

You have been pictured on several occasions campaigning with Labour party candidates and the council leader Peter Mason in Hanwell Broadway ward, where we are candidates on May 5th. 

We are sure you are aware that a significant issue in the area is the future of Warren Farm near the Brent River Canal. There are a number of groups who have campaigned vigorously for the whole site to be given local nature reserve designation; 11,000 people have signed the Brent River & Canal Society and Warren Farm Nature Reserve group campaign petition to this effect.

The council does not yet have a clear policy on the matter, preferring to wait for the results of a consultation that will conclude after the election. Voters will therefore not know the details of Ealing council’s policy prior to the May 5th election. 

It is notable however that you appear to have endorsed Southall Football Club identifying Warren Farm as a site for their new ground, having shared their posts regarding the consultation on some of your social media channels.

We are increasingly being asked about this apparent endorsement, and also rumours that are circulating that you have a family, not just local, interest in Southall Football Club. It is hard to comment on rumours, it would be undermining your integrity to do so. Therefore, in the interests of openness and transparency we would appreciate it if you could answer the following questions:

  1. Is it the case that your son is Sangeev Sharma and he is the chairman of Southall Football Club?
  2. Is it true that your grandson is Aatish Sharma and he is the chief executive of Southall Football Club?
  3. Are you aware that Sangeev Sharma is a director of Breen Associates, who according to their website are “specialist sports advisors” and “provide advice on new stadia design and build”?
  4. Are you aware that Breen Associates describe themselves as “Working closely with the London Borough of Ealing, a new stadium site has been identified with the intention of returning the club to Southall”?
  5. What contact have you had with Ealing Council regarding a new stadium at Warren Farm? 
  6. Have you facilitated any contact between Ealing Council and Southall Football Club and Ealing councilors or officers?
  7. Are you aware of the precise nature of the plans of Southall Football Club?
  8. Have you declared any potential conflict of interest to the Labour Party and to Ealing Council, and taken steps to mitigate for this? 

We would be most grateful if you could answer these questions as a matter of urgency, it is imperative that people can know the facts at this crucial time for Warren Farm.

Kind Regards

Neil Reynolds, Kate Crossland and Marijn van de Geer
Ealing Green Party candidates, Hanwell Broadway ward. 

Download a copy of our letter here.


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