Emily Grassi – Hobbayne Candidate

Candidate Introduction: Emily Grassi

Emily Grassi

I am standing as candidate of the Green Party for the ward of Hobbayne. 

I’ve been a member of the Green Party since 2017, joining shortly after moving to the UK. I joined the Green Party because it’s the only party that fully and consistently represents my moral and ethical values of climate and social justice, anti-racism, equity, international co-operation and freedom of movement.

I was born in Italy and raised by an Italian father and British mother. As a dual citizen, I am proudly European, and I feel fully represented by the Green Party’s clear position on Brexit. If elected I intend to honour this position by giving voice to all residents regardless of their country of origin, background, faith or gender. 

I work in museum education and public engagement, a sector I’m strongly passionate about. I believe in the crucial role of learning for providing both children and adults with the tools to make a real difference in their society. I believe in education as a lifelong process in which each one of us can improve themselves and grow in empathy and understanding towards people and nature. 

If chosen as the councillor for this ward, I would listen to what the residents need and want to change, and I would do my best to help them achieve this in line with my Green values. 

Your political voice is important, vote Green if like me you believe in a more just and sustainable society.


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