Dr Kate Crossland – Hanger Hill Candidate

Candidate Introduction: Dr Kate Crossland

Dr Kate Crossland
Dr Kate Crossland

I am standing as a Green Candidate to represent the ward I live in- Hanger Hill. 

I joined the Green Party because I felt frustrated that while we can all make personal ‘green’ choices, individual change is not enough. A sustainable choice needs to be made the easiest choice; and for that we need our communities, organisations, businesses and all levels of government to act together. Political change is necessary and I believe the Green party has within its members the experience and knowledge to do this most effectively. 

Change to protect the planet (and everything on it) from climate change and loss of biodiversity is not easy. There are difficult decisions to make, and these must be made in a just and fair way. The Green party have always had strong socially just policies- not only on traditional green issues- which make us a necessary part of driving the changes needed now. 

I bring transferable skills from both my day-job as a Palliative Care Doctor and from working voluntarily in my local community, as Chair of the Residents Association, and Chair of the Parent-Teacher Association. I have a particular interest in communication skills, a subject I teach to medical students.

I am honoured to have the privilege of standing for election again. I intend, along with other Green candidates, to keep Green issues firmly in voters and councillors minds. 

If elected, I will work with both councillors and council officers to keep the Climate Emergency at the centre of our local government’s decision making, while making sure of clear and open  communication to all. 

If not elected, I will continue trying to do this too!


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