Life in lockdown: Gardening

I’ve always wanted to grow my own vegetables and be a better gardener than I am presently, the ‘try it and see’ variety, with not much time to look things up and gain from someone else’s knowledge.

So, this ‘stay at home’ period is perfect to spend time learning. In anticipation of the lockdown, I bought many plants from the garden centre, tomatoes, carrots, beetroot, cauliflower, peppers and potatoes, as well as blueberry and gooseberry bushes.

I have spent a great many hours in the garden over the past few weeks and now have everything planted.  As luck would have it, my daughter built me a large vegetable planter out of a couple of pallets last year when I had my first attempt and whilst I managed to plant everything, due to work commitments and the weather, I wasn’t then able to look after it all. Whereas this year, I have all the time in the world and hope for a good harvest and a new skill.

What I learned this week: squirrels can untie knots!

This is how it all looked three weeks ago

Peas, mange tout, cauliflower, beetroot

Gooseberry bush

Blueberry bush


Tomatoes, carrots, pepper and leeks which didn’t grow last year but are now!!

How it looks now.

These are what the squirrels have been trying to get into by untying my knots! 


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