Our Position on Heathrow Expansion is no way!

Heathrow is already the biggest single source of carbon emissions in the UK and expansion will add an extra 8-9 megatonnes of CO2 per year. A third runway at Heathrow is simply not compatible with the UK’s legally binding climate targets.

Aviation clearly has to contract, not expand, while we need to promote and encourage cleaner options like train travel, which could replace many Heathrow flights.

Not only considering these terrible climate change consequences of the airport, huge numbers of Londoners already suffer from the noise and air pollution from Heathrow, see their transport systems overloaded and their lives disrupted and expansion will only make their lives worse.

Even the Transport Select Committee concluded that 323,684 people will be newly affected by noise from Heathrow. Data from the Civil Aviation Authority reveals that 2.2 MILLION people will experience an increase in noise from an expanded Heathrow. The proposed expansion would result in an additional 285,000 flights each year or over 700 extra flights per day.

There isn’t even a local jobs or economic case for the expansion as there is no explicit job model and no clear job creation analysis included in the Airports National Policy Statement. Many of the few jobs created will be low-skilled and short term.

The Government accepts Heathrow expansion would have a “significant negative” effect on air quality which is already a crisis issue for the residents of Ealing and Southall.

If you are as upset as we are about the plans for Heathrow expansion then please follow and support the No 3rd Runway Coalition.

I hope this makes our and the Green Party’s position clear.


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