Please Support Our Crowdfunder Campaign For General Election 2019

Our General Election crowdfunder is here

Across Ealing, we need Green Voices to keep climate breakdown as the key issue for this election. 

Airport expansion, air pollution, protection of our green spaces and the far-reaching social consequences of climate destruction must be at the centre of politics. 

We need to show the strength of the Green vote to ensure Green issues are at the heart of policy, debate and decision making. 

We need your help to continue representing our communities with strong Green voices. Politics is expensive and the Green Party doesn’t accept donations from tax dodgers and oligarchs. 

This election we are standing candidates in each Ealing constituency.

Darren Moore for Ealing Southall

Read about Darren here.

Dr Kate Crossland for Ealing Central and Acton

Read about Kate here.

Jeremy Parker for Ealing North

Read about Jeremy here.

We’re powered by the generosity of you: our local community.


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