Brexit, People’s Vote, and the Green Party

The Green Party accepted the result of the referendum in 2016.

Democracy is necessarily responsive and changeable. And the situation has changed many many times since then.

The Green Party now support a second referendum.

It seems that no voter can honestly say the 2016 vote was well informed or included a full understanding of what leaving the EU would entail. We need to go back to the people of the UK with the Withdrawal Bill, once it has been through Parliamentary process. We also need to discuss – in Parliament, and as a whole nation- what we do with the results of this vote before we ask.

If Scotland votes to remain, and England to leave, what next?

If Wales does the same? Or the opposite?

If we are split 50:50, what then?

The answers to this need to be made clear so that the people can make their vote in with clarity; and with trust that it will be respected. In a referendum every vote really does count.

Elected Green Party members are not ‘whipped’ into taking a particular line. This post represents my thoughts, and while I know these resonate with others in the local and national party, each elected Green is free to vote in the way that represents their view and the best option for the people they serve. We also must keep an open mind and be prepared to change in response to a changing situation.


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