Flight Free 2020

We know we have a climate problem; and we know air travel contributes to this.

How any individual factor contributes to the overall heating of the planet is always going to be a subject of much debate. There are views that changing diet is more important, that emissions from fuel are where we should be focusing, that there’s no point doing anything unless China or the USA change. We can think about our technology habits, mobile phone networks, fast fashion.

We can be so paralysed by the reasons why that we end up doing nothing.

Flight Free 2020 have a simple idea: pledge not to fly in the year 2020, knowing that 100,000* other people are doing the same.

In their own words:

It is easy to think that individual actions don’t make a difference, and not to bother trying. But if we can show that there are 100,000 people who are prepared to take an air-free year, we send a clear signal to industry and politicians – and also to each other – that there are many who are willing to change their lifestyles to protect the climate.

(well I suppose technically that’s 99,999 people other than you)

I’ve pledged – will you?




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