About the London Assembly

  • 25 London Assembly Members elected by you at the same time as the Mayor. Eleven represent the whole capital and 14 are elected by constituencies
  • Assembly Members act as champions for Londoners by investigating issues such as transport, policing, housing and planning, the economy, health and of course: the environment
  • The Mayor should respond to Assembly motions and formal recommendations and the Assembly holds the Mayor to account
  • The Mayor must consult Assembly Members on strategies and budgets, which they can reject and amend if a majority of two-thirds agree to do so
  • The Assembly can press for changes to national, Mayoral or local policy

Did you know…
London Assembly meetings are open to the public so you can come along at any time to see what is being discussed and how your candidate is doing!

Isn’t it a waste of my vote to vote Green?
Definitely not! You vote for your constituency candidate as well as for the party and the mayor. If a candidate from you constituency doesn’t win, your vote will automatically get added  to the other London-wide candidate from the same party. In other words: the chances of getting a Green candidate into the London Assembly are good, and your vote will help achieve this!

One for the diary: Thursday 07 May 2020 London Assembly & Mayoral Elections


If you'd like to join

  1. Become a member for £3 per month.
  2. Receive a welcome email from our Secretary.
  3. Come to our monthly meeting and say hi.
  4. Get stuck in, making a fairer and greener Ealing.

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