Dormers Wells By Election 2018 – Green Party Candidate Meena Hans

Dormers Wells by-election candidate Meena HansI am proud to stand as a candidate for the Green Party in the Dormer’s Wells by-election.

I have been an active member of the Green Party since 2010 and have stood in local elections 3 times, as a parliamentary candidate twice and as the borough candidate for the London Assembly.

I am an adult education teacher and have been teaching in and around the borough for over 25 years.   

I grew up in Southall and have lived in various parts of the borough throughout my life, including 10 years in Dormer’s Wells, so am very familiar with the area and its needs.

If chosen as the councillor for this ward, I would listen to what the residents want changed and do my best to help them achieve this, as well as upholding my Green values of fighting air pollution, which in London kills around  10,000 people a year, fighting to keep our green spaces, which studies have proven are needed for our mental well-being and also help with lessening air pollution, fighting overdevelopment which puts a strain on the current infrastructure.  

If you want someone with a positive outlook, who is willing to work hard on your behalf and wants to make life in Dormer’s Wells better for all its residents, vote Green.

Thank you!

Meena Hans


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