OBJECT HERE: Development Overdrive in Hanwell: We Need to Speak Up Now

Did you know…?

There are 457 new units proposed in one square mile of Hanwell right now.  Sites like Wickes/Nissan, the so-called “Marshall” site next to Gold’s Gym and the former Peugeot Garage site are due to spring 6-9 storeys high!  What has been happening across London is coming to Hanwell: intensive, inappropriate, high-rise flats.

Parking hell on the way

Under the guise of sounding “green”, many of these developments offer zero or limited parking.  But people have cars, and they will have to park them on our roads and traffic congestion will increase.  A Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) will not resolve this.

No solution to the housing crisis

For sure, London needs more homes.  But these developments are not the solution.  They will be unaffordable for people most in need of somewhere to live.

We need real homes for local people, not overseas investors

Many of these proposed flats are really rabbit hutches: low ceilings, cramped rooms and virtually zero green space. These are being developed for maximum profit, not as places for people to live.

Wrecking the community

Hanwell is a wonderful place because people can live, study, work and shop here.  Flats like these will overwhelm our overstretched hospitals, schools and public transport.

Who is Ealing Council working for?

Ealing seems to be working only for the big landowners and developers, not for local people.  The Labour-dominated council needs a Green voice to hold them to account.

Hanwell needs to speak up for what it wants

The people of Hanwell need to pull together to develop a vision for what we want our community to be.

What can I do?

You can object to several of the developments illustrated on the map above, which are currently in the Council’s consultation process.  Below are links to take you directly to the relevant part of the planning portal.

We need a strategy for Hanwell, and we’d like to hear from you.  What is your vision for our neighbourhood?  Do we need flats or community facilities?

Links to the Ealing Planning Portal

To comment on the Wickes/Nissan development of 283 units in units ranging from 5 to 7 storeys, go to this link.

To comment on the so-called “Marshall” building of 59 units in a structure 9 storeys high with no parking provision, go to this link.

To sign the petition against the Marshall building go to this link.

To comment on the 9 unit (5 flats and 4 townhouses) development at 16 Boston Road, go to this link.

To comment on the 6 unit redevelopment of the former Horseshoe Cafe at 68 Boston Road, go to this link.

To comment on the 4-5 unit extension and redevelopment of the building at 3 Westminster Road, go to this link.

Ealing needs a Green Voice

Image: Map contains information from https://opendatacommons.org/licenses/odbl/1.0/ under the Open Database License (ODbL)

8 thoughts on “OBJECT HERE: Development Overdrive in Hanwell: We Need to Speak Up Now

  1. I have lived in hanwell for over 60 years and now cannot wait to get out if the Marshall flats get the go head they will over look me .also I am not the only one who is waiting to move there are a few down deans road you have to wait to get a doctors appointment now what will it be like with all the new buildings

  2. Traffic is already hellish … people want cars, and will buy cars – the auto industry marketing push is bigger than Ealing council… what happens when these people have friends and family over to visit? What about increased traffic from online shopping delivery vehicles. Stop trying to fob us off.

    The plans need to include protection and enhancement of the quality of life for the EXISTING residents whose taxes fund the council elected to represent us, and our wishes for the community!!!

    – Do you hear residents calling out for increased residents in the borough?
    – Do you hear residents craving more traffic and parking pressure!
    – Do you hear local families wishing for more pressure on places in local schools?

  3. I do not object to affordable housing being built in Hanwell, my concern is the lack of infrastructure planning that seems to be an issue with all parties. School places, nursery places, parking spaces, local doctors case-loads, A and E pressures, all impacted by additional housing in what is, in effect, a village, albeit in London. If a plan to address all the aforementioned is put forward, I would be more likely to support the development.

    1. We completely agree with you Rick, but sadly service provision has been completely decoupled from approval of housing. “Planning” is now a sad misnomer. We need councillors who do think holistically, and genuinely consider all residents’ needs.

  4. I have lived in Hanwell for nearly 27 years and I strongly object to the development plans for Hanwell.
    I like the open space around Wickes and would like it to remain this way. I live opposite Wickes and do not want to feel hemmed in by having
    a high rise development on my doorstep.

  5. Please note my objection to the planned developments in Hanwell. Infrastructure can not support such a huge upsurge in housing. A once green enclave is slowly being stripped of the reasons why people move /d here in the first place those of us with disabilities and breathing difficulties are forcibly going to have our health deteriorate by the local authority……stop the over population of Hanwell now, our schools, GP’s and hospitals are already creaking at the seams.

  6. The Hanwell infrastructure cannot support the additional housing that is proposed. Buses are already overcrowded; the waiting time for an appointment with my doctor is at least 2 weeks; there is very limited space for residents’ parking despite controlled parking zones. Increased traffic means increased pollution. There shouldn’t be any more housing but unless local spending on the infrastructure in increased proportionately ie transport, parking places, nurseries, schools, medical centres, leisure facilities etc etc.

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