Marshall Development in Hanwell

What is being proposed?

A large new development of 63 flats in the middle of Hanwell.

Marshall west elevation.jpeg

What is wrong with it?

It’s far too big. At 9 storeys, it is badly out of character for the small town of Hanwell and far greater than the density allocated to the area in the London Plan.

Local services will not be able to cope. Waiting times for GP and emergency services are already badly overstretched. The NHS is forecast to face its worst winter ever. This development has no plan to include school places or a doctor’s surgery.

Traffic is already very heavy on Uxbridge Road, leading to stress, wasted time and air pollution. It is already impossible to squeeze onto the skeleton train service from Hanwell station at peak times. Even with Crossrail coming, trains are impossibly crowded.

Plans like this risk turning Hanwell into a dormitory as local employment is chased out by development. Our community will suffer as people are forced to travel long distances for work, unable to find a job where they live.

Don’t we need housing in Hanwell?

Yes, but this won’t solve anything. The cost of these units is well out of most people’s price range.

They represent poor quality ‘rabbit hutch’ accommodation built to suit developers instead of providing a decent place to live. Low ceiling heights and cramped rooms make these unsuitable as family homes.

What should be on the site instead?

You tell us! Draw a picture, write a poem or describe what you would like to see. Then take a photo and send it to us at or tweet it at @EalingGreens.

What do you think? Do we need community and leisure facilities, like a local cinema, more green space, or something that will create good local jobs?

What can I do?

Ealing Council is due to consider the planning application soon. Please give your comments here.

There are a limited number of criteria that the Planning Committee of Ealing Council will actually consider.  These are:

1.  Design and layout of the development
2.  The external appearance and materials
3.  Provision of facilities for the disabled
4.  Loss of daylight and/or privacy
5.  Noise
6.  Traffic and parking
7.  Loss of a particular type of land (retail, green space, etc)

Please consider saying the development is too high, the external appearance is out of character for Hanwell, it has inadequate public transport provision (as Hanwell station is poorly served with an infrequent service), will cause parking issues (since the surrounding area does not have a Controlled Parking Zone), will lead to loss of daylight and privacy for the surrounding area (particularly the church next door), and is a strain on existing community facilities.

What does Ealing need?

A Green voice on the Council to make sure local people are listened to and properly


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